Saturday, June 7, 2008

The beginning

Finally....I will start writing about my crazy obsesion with used clothing. Glorious used clothing. Used clothing or more commonly known as 'baju bundle' in Malay language has been my clothing trove since the first day my mom gave me money to buy my own clothes! I even get my Chinese (yes...I AM a Malaysian Chinese) New Year clothing from bundle stores. Many of my friends, even my parents can't understand it intially but after some time, they too find themselves wearing them. I am a true 'bundle used clothing Malaysia' fan!
Oh...but don't be fooled...I am very choosy when it comes to used clothing for my closet. It has to be bundle used clothing or baju bundle. No local (Malaysian) used clothing please. It must be 100% 'bundle' quality!



Kelvin said...

hi there! found your blog while googling for selvedge jeans. good to know there's another fellow ahpek bundle in KL haha. great blog u have. maybe we can exchange bundle locations. keep it up, cheers!

Kelvin said...
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L.C. Keong said...

Hi Kelvin!
Thanks. Yeah, we can definitely meet up and chat about bundle stuff. Coolest laa!