Saturday, June 28, 2008

Levi's in bundle used clothing

Levi’s is such a legend in Malaysia. If there is ever a conversation about jeans among Malaysians, I dare to say that the name Levi’s will surely pop up. It is the same with bundle used clothing. Levi’s branded item in used clothing is always sought after. Jeans, denim jacket, flannel shirts, you name it. Even new items in the store may never get as much attention as the used one. Why? Because it has character. And also because the pair of used Levi’s you got from the bundle shop is probably original compared to the pair you paid at Petaling Street!

The reason is simple, as long as the bundle shop got its supply of used clothing from countries like the US and Japan, chances are, the items are real. Especially with countries like Japan, even their fakes are considered ‘replica clothing’, not like the cheap spin-offs you can find in the Malaysian market. These replica’s are to meet the market demands and they are usually from the special or limited edition range. One such example is the Levi’s Big E. Go grab your pair of Levi’s jeans. On the back pocket there is a Levi’s tab (red, silver or orange). Notice that the letter ‘e’ in on the tab is of small letter? The pair above has a capital ‘E’. Its special….its limited…it's rare and there’s a good reason why it is so.

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