Friday, July 18, 2008

All baju bundle on a trip to Jeram Perlus

It was a Sunday an my waterfall addict friend invited me to hike into the jungles of Hulu Langat to look for Jeram Perlus. It's suppose to be a really pristine waterfall. I have to agree that it really is. Anyway...this entry is not about the trip or the Perlus waterfall. Its more about what I wore and brought with me on the trip.

I had on me 100% used items on me for the trip. Except perhaps for my socks and my undies I suppose. Here is a picture of me halfway through the trek.

The orange shirt is actually my work shirt. Its actually one of them Uniqlo (Japanese brand) quick dry shirt. I love them totally. Try getting a similar product brand new as compare to just RM10 from bundle. Coolest thing. The pants I wore is still the FSS pants like in the previous entry. It really surprised me that pants. Really comfortable to wear, easy for me to move and really tough. The only downside is perhaps it gets a bit hot inside!

Also had my jungle boots on. Bought them from a bundle stall in Chow Kit a few months back. Did not have the chance to break them in until this trip. The soles pattern are rather similar to those of brands like Altama and Wellco but the only marking on the soles are 'RO Search'.

No brands indicated but one hell of a dam good pair of jungle boots I would say. I paid RM60 for them if I remember correctly. Good ankle support, good grip on muddy surfaces. The soles are a bit hard for the feet but I guess for the protection and sturdiness they provide, I think its worth to suffer a bit. My mates on the trip slipped and fell countless times and I didn't. Not once!

The only thing that went wrong on the trek I would say is the pair of socks I had on me. They are cheap as and naturally the fibers are rather spaced. I had plenty of leech bites during this trip. The leeches made it through the fibers of the socks. But heck, for a waterfall of such magnificence and beauty, the tiring trek and leeches is all worth it!

Oh...even my backpack is a second hand pack. I will write another time on that special pack. That pack is a beauty and I think it deserves to have a post of its own :)


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Ashleigh said...

Interesting post from a used clothing fetishist!

Aah! the pleasure in finding a good bargain!

The jungle boots you have could be Thai army. I had a pair and the rim lugs were more pronounced and the grip much better (or was I just younger then?)than Altama's but unfortunately they did not last as long. Keep the leather well nourished