Thursday, July 10, 2008

Am selling off my Osprey Ariel 75...sob...sob...

I decided that I ought to post something about one of my packs that will be sold very soon. Its an Osprey Ariel 75 which was bought in the US for my lady about 3 years ago. Osprey pack is one of the most popular pack in US I think. Some of its designs won awards and its one of the popular brands used by many of the contestants on Amazing Race.

Anyway, I paid close to USD$250 back then for this pack. Its a lot of money I think and now I am letting it go for close just RM350. That's like less than USD100 I think. The pack was used once by my lady and have been kept in the cupboard since. Sad but true. Not because she decided to stop going out to the bush but because I bought her other packs that she fancied more. Anyway, it is one of the better Osprey models made specially for women specific. Though its women specific, normally they will do fine for Asian men as well cause Asian men tend to have smaller body frames.

Don't believe me? Read this well written thread backpacks by a Malaysian guy who is a self professed gear geek. I know him personally and I tell you, he knows his stuff.

I am going to post the pack on and will try to get in posted on Gunung online as well. Both are local Malaysian websites.

Why the sudden move to sell? Well, rather than keeping it to rot in the closet, perhaps its best that the pack changes master. Hopefully it will see more daylight and adventures. Something that it is meant to do in the first place. Feel sad but seriously...there are just too many packs. Cloths I can keep coz I would be able to wear them one day, sooner or later but not with packs. It has got to b used, otherwise it will rot away.

So...while I sit and consider this move of selling this beautiful pack is the right thing to do, I sincerely do hope someone buys it up before I change my mind. Yike!

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rsyazwani said...

hey issit still for sale??