Monday, July 7, 2008

Auscam daypack from my backpack collection!

Oh...this is one of my daypacks that I carry often. Its an Auscam daypack. Got it from Perth when I was posted there back in 2006. Another item to my backpack collection! The pack is simple, no frills like any well made Australian army pack. Before going to Australia, I did some homework over ebay Australia on their military packs. No chance of buying them online as anything to do with outdoor gear in Australia is so expensive.

I got mine from a swap mart in Perth. The Karrinyup (not sure if that's the right spelling though) swap mart in Perth. Happens every Sunday mornings. the place. Got so many good used stuff there. Though some of them are stolen goods for sure. Got this pack cheap tough. I remember paying like AUS$20 for it. I consider that a bargain! The pack is almost in perfect condition except for the previous owner's name being written on the back. I used a permanent marker to just scribble stuff over it!

Back to this pack. It's small. I would say its about 15 or 20 liters max. Material is the hardy Australian canvas type. Good stuff really. It is fantastically durable. One main zippered compartment, top loading. It has an internal sleeve for foam padding but I have to say the padding doesn't do much help.

Check out the shoulder harness system. See how they are attached to the main pack using feed through buckles? I reckon the shoulder straps are interchangeable with other pack designs. Making the shoulder straps adaptable to other units of pack. There is a strap that also acts as a waist belt but I suppose it ain't much help for a pack this size.

Even the shape and contour of the shoulder straps are different from each other. I believe they are meant for either right of left due to the padding and our body contour. I left it as it is since I got it.

Oh...oh...check out the inside markings of the pack. I suppose 97 indicates the year the pack was made but the SOS part is anybody's guess. My guess is that the numbers above the SOS refers to some special code that the army personal can use in case of life threatening situations. Perhaps if you are an Aussie you can let me know :)

The pack also comes with a drain hole at the bottom. I think this is a necessary feature. Otherwise your spilt water in the pack is just gonna spoil everything.

The pack has gone out with me on some of the team building programs I run, definitely some short treks as well. A bit too small for longer treks. Overall, it exceeds my expectations and now I am currently looking forward to getting a larger Auscam...who has one to trade?

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