Sunday, July 6, 2008

Door curtain from used clothing

This is one of my favorite bundle used house hold item. Not a common item one would find in a bundle shop. Comes from Japan bundles only I believe. The characters on most of the designs are not Chinese as well (not that I write or read Chinese though :).

Donno what its called but I just called it the door curtain. If you know the its real name, perhaps you can share it with me? Friends tell me that it is very common to find this curtain in Japanese shops and restaurants. She even told me that some Japanese restaurants in K.L also do have them on their premises, especially into the kitchen. Am a friend of Japanese food but not a big fan of paying that big amount they charge for it.

This curtain can be found only in certain bundle stores. I got my collection mostly from some of the 'pasar malam' sellers in Penang and Kedah. This item comes through the curtain bundle. no hope of finding them in the clothing bundle. No hope at all. You'll have to find a bundle shop that sells some household items like curtains, bed sheets etc.

These curtains I have three types. Their differences is basically the length. Some are really short, like the one below.

However, the most commons ones are like the one in the picture above. They are about....5 or 6 feet I guess. I have a few of these, some in my hometown, some already hanging on the door and some still remains in the bag, haven't washed since they were bought!

Yikes!!...I wonder what things going around in the bag. The longest is about 2 feet off the ground. Found a few of these but the designs are not the coolest I would say.

My favorite would be the one below. Nice eh? The colors, the picture and the intense 'warrior' feel that it projects (to me) is unique. god knows what the wordings are. Have not a clue. Just hope its nothing bad.

Why do I like them? Well...for a start, the designs are cool. They also give sort of like privacy to the rooms at home. When you walk past rooms, rather than seeing the mess that's in there,. the door curtains 'hides' them away, giving me a (false???) sense of peacefulness and orderly! Anyway...most of my friends that have been to my place commented that they are cool. it is. I wonder how much it costs to buy them new off the streets of Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan. Must costs an arm. Well...all I can say is bundle....bundle...bundle!!!!!

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