Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A hobby or a lifestyle

My lovely partner once asked me whether my fascination with used clothing a hobby or a lifestyle. Pak Abu recently commented that it may be a fetish.

Am not sure about being fetish, but its definitely both a hobby and a lifestyle for me. I practically live my life on all things used if I can help it. My furniture are used, by clothing are used, my adventure gear are bought used...except maybe for my climbing harness. I have never owned a new car even!

Its not really an environment issue thingy. I guess its because this thing called baju bundle is like a treasure trove. Each time I decide to go shopping for bundle, I can't help but ask myself what interesting thing will I find today? A rare shirt? A branded shoe? A backpack perhaps? Or maybe the pair of cycling tights that can fit me! What will it be?

But of course I don't go shopping for bundle everyday. If that is the case, then Pak Abu is right to label me as a fetish. I go occasionally, just when I feel like it and when I have the extra cash I suppose.

Lifestyle because it is part of me. Many of my close friends know me as the Apek Bundle. This crazy Chinese guy who is nuts over used recycled clothing. I take it with a pinch of laughter and truth is I accept it rather proudly! I am proud of my collection and I am proud to be able to tell people that I owned a pair of vintage Big E Levi's jeans which I only paid RM50 for! best still, its real!

How far does it effect my life? Well, the only off the shelf (new) pair of shirt that I ever got in the past few years came only during Chinese New Year. Someone will usually buy me one. Perhaps its the 'all things must be new' mentality or perhaps its just to piss me off.

Now that I am working in an formal office environment, I have no choice but to put on a monkey suit. Long sleeves, khakis or slacks, proper shoes etc. #*ck! hate it. I even have to have a coat on standby! I had to basically revamp my wardrobe. Most of the old clothes had to be packed away to make way for this new generation of clothing. But I am not complaining, I still go out and do my same old bundle shopping...every piece of it!


Zainudin Johari said...

I agree with you regarding the bundle clothes. Not many share this passion and I have a circle of friends who tag along with me whenever I am on a bundle expedition. And its true, we wouldn't know what to expect to find that day. It will always a sweet surprise! Now that we are talking about it, I feel like going shopping for a second hand table lamp today! Ha ha!

L.C. Keong said...

Hi Zainudin!
You hit right at the spot man. Its like finding treasure every time. Sweet surprise indeed.
So...let me know if you find any special table lamp :)