Thursday, July 24, 2008

My second hand Doc Marts

This is the pair of Doc Marts that I am currently wearing everyday to work. Its actually a used pair. Kasut bundle kononnya. Got is used in Penang at Lorong Kulit. Lorong Kulit is a flea market in Penang island. Used to be my favorite haunt. Its the one place that you can find almost everything you need. From fruit stalls to stolen birth certs...its all there! Its located behind the old Penang football stadium near Sungai Pinang road.

I paid like RM40 for it if not mistaken. Fake? I don't think so. Stolen goods? Definitely I think. When I got the pair, it was all done up again. Polished, stuffed with news papers etc. The initial open price was RM80. F**k it. Where got people sell stolen shoes for that much. Anyway, it was obvious that they guy was in a hurry, so offered him RM40, he quickly took it. I slipped it into my daypack and shot off. Happy indeed. I am putting into good use. Wearing it everyday. Really comfy this pair of shoes. I cannot imagine how much it would cost new. A couple hundred ringgits I reckon.

Check out the soles. I would say they have at least 80% life still to go. The design quite casual yet good enough for work wear.

At least it goes okay with my monkey suit. Oh yeah...that's another thing I will share later. Even my daily monkey suit that I am wearing now are all used / recycle clothing. For fraction the price that I pay...I still dress up like a monkey...just like everyone else in the office!


chrizsim said...

me thinks they need some polish and TLC

chrizsim said...

nice monkstrap shoes though

L.C. Keong said...

Chrizsim...thanks for your comments. Yeah, agree with the polish and TLC. Have been rather lazy :( Thanks for your comments.