Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My used clothing buying impulse today!

Oh…oh…oh…today on the way back from work, I decided to make a detour to a kedai bundle around Bukit Bintang area. No need to mention the name of the shop yet. Will wait till someone asks  It’s the beginning of the month, and like everyone else I got my pay. Well, actually it’s the first pay slip I have gotten for a few months since I have been most doing freelance work.

So…did I find anything interesting? You bet! There were more items hanging, possibly to target the early month spenders and you can see that they are fresh from the ‘compressed’ bundle as the clothes were mostly crumpled. Clothes that are fresh out of the bale are usually very crumpled because of the compacting process in making them. Other clothes that have been hanging for quite some time are usually quite straight and looks ironed (of course their not).

Anyway…my my…there’s so many new stuff. Jeans, shirts etc. But I told myself I have only 30 minutes to spend shopping there as it was getting late and riding a bike home in the dark is not the safest road practices in K.L.

I was honestly very quick. Took a glance at everything and decided to head for the used shorts, or half pants. ‘Seluar pendek’ (bukan seluar dalam yaaa!) corner laa babe. Ah…glorious. New items, probably from an American bale, good sizes (I am rather large) and good brands too. They had good brands. They had REI, Patagonia, Billabong, Stussy, American Athletics, Russells, Nike etc. The list is endless.

Of course I bought some. Why not. At RM15 a piece they are a bargain (I think). I know…I know…you can get cheaper than that from bundle clothing. But I was very happy with the items, they are in good conditions and quality that I like. Quick dry, microfibres…sewn-in belts and nice sizes. So…4 pieces in total…

Am a happy man today.

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