Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Starting my own kedai bundle maybe?

My wife (to be) recently suggested something to me that to be honest has crossed my mind several times. And that is why not I start my own bundle or used clothing store. Hmm…I actually had a ‘kedai bundle’ before but I have to say it didn’t do all that well.

My first shop was about 500 square feet in Sungai Petani, Kedah. It’s in a shopping mall call SP Plaza. The mall is still there. My shop was called Seconds Bundle. I would say that it was a really nice looking store. Bright colored walls (orang to be exact) and nice layout. Had the store for about a year. That time I was working in a factory in Penang and though perhaps having a shop in my hometown with my dad looking after it would be a good idea. What a bad idea it turned out to be.

Business initially was okay. But having to pay rent of RM700/ month, almost all my profit went into the rent. Thank God it was my dad taking care of the shop, otherwise I’d be paying salaries as well. There was little left after every month. After a year, I would say that I barely break even. There were tones of goods and equipment left. Most of the clothing leftovers are not able to be sold. They were either given away or turned into rags.

Anyway…coming back to my wife’s suggestion. Perhaps now I am more matured and perhaps I can plan and execute better if I do decide to open a kedai bundle. Perhaps I should use this opportunity to talk myself through and see where I end up with this longing idea of owning my own shop again.


Bidadari said...

i cant help but smile when you said "wife". i can't believe that you are going to be a husband soon! whateveritis, you guys are so perfect for each other. can't wait to see you guys soon!

oh btw, why don't u buka kedai bundle ala gerai maybe at flea markets here in kl? flea markets are in a rage rite now...really! and they don;t cost a lot, and only opens on weekends...some places yg famous : amcorp mall, the curve, mont kiara.

Popo said...

hey, just found out about your blog.

interested to read how keen you are on bundles. almost felt like i am reading myself (!).

90% of my clothes comes from bundles.
maybe one day i will post about them (not as to brag, but to show that you get quality stuff from bundle that you don't get to buy in stores).

currently i am in penang until 31 august. working on a project. i already went to 4 bundle shops (2 in komtar, and 2 near bukit jambul but as always, i don't feel that's enough.

do you know any other bundle stores in penang?

thank you very much. looking forward for your next posts and to share bundle stores around my area!

L.C. Keong said...

Hi Bidadari!

Yeah...we are going to tie the knot very soon. Its about time I guess :)

To be honest, you are the 3rd person this week to suggest that I start a stall at a flea market like Amcorp. Hmmm..perhaps I should really do it huh :) Will look into it! Thanks! is the new family member coming along?

L.C. Keong said...

Hi Popo...thanks for your comments mate! Yup...I think you too should start a blog. We can then talk to the world about it!

Penang....many many bundle shops. The most high end ones would be Doubt? I suppose. The one in Komtar actually comes from the same place (source) actually. There's another DOUBT? in Perai.

In Penang, I suggest you head over to Perai side. Around Bukit Mertajam and also the Ampang Jajar pasar malam. Can't remember exactly when it is though.

If you are in Penang only, there's one also near the airport. At the Pasar Borong Man if am not mistaken.

-xue- said...

Hi!Found your blog by google-ing "bundle".lol.So excited to see another fellow bundle fan.Though the stuff we look for are totally different la,hahaha!
I love bundle clothes too,but I don't know that many in KL.Could you recommend some that have women's clothing?in KL la.I've heard that other states have many more bundles la,but no chance to go visit yet.

L.C. Keong said...

Hi Xue!

Thanks for your comments. Yes, our choices may be different be we sure have the same tastes!
Yes, there are a few bundle stalls that sell woman's clothing. My other half hunts them down as well :)
The usual stalls at Chow Kit has some (but be careful when you go there, go with a few friends safer) and also the pasar malam near my place has a stall that sells them too. Its on tomorow. PJS10, opposite Sunway Pyramid every Wednesday. You should come!

tenno said...

Hi there. I found your blog when I was looking for "KEPALA KAIN" info.
I'm a bundle-holic too!! My brother used to have 2 kedai bundle in Johor,but he's ended up like yours also.

I suggest you sell unique,or rare bundle item on eBay! Sure works for me!

L.C. Keong said...

Hi Tenno...
Thanks for your comments. Hey good idea on the ebay thingy. Maybe I will look into it.