Saturday, July 12, 2008

What I wore today...

I was up early today morning. Me and some mates are helping out with a group of children who is going into Kota Damansara Komuniti Park for a short walk. Organized by some mates in MNS, I thought swell...why not help out.

I actually decided early yesterday evening what I was wearing and bringing. of course there will be the usual backpack loaded with all the basic essentials like First Aid Kit, knife, another knife and a parang. Drinking water and of course my trusty hat. The pack was a Wilderness Equipment pack. Bought while I was back in Perth. Nice pack, sewn proudly Australian and design a bit old but fits comfortably still.

It was John who commented on the pants I was wearing. Its actually a green cargo pants. I was a bit apprehensive about wearing it in the beginning as I thought it would look too much like a sekolah menengah boys pants or even like a military guy. In actual fact, its actually an American firefighter's pants. Its made up of some material called Aramid. Well the labels said 98% Aramid and 2% carbon core. Made by a company called Terry Manufacturing in Alabama, USA. Have a look below:

Perhaps the inside label explains the reason why the pant's button has the letters F.S.S engraved on it, Forest Service Specification. Perhaps...

Its one of those old style looking pants that your dad may have owned but once you look closer you'd realize there's much more to it. The pant's cutting is good. Its easy enough to move around with. But it hot! Its not thick but perhaps the Aramid material is like an insulation. I remember buying this pants from a bundle stall at the Pasar Malam nearby. Paid like RM30 for it. A bit pricey I think but at that time, its unique enough for spending. not going into the washer yet. Am heading out to Ulu Yam tomorrow morning for a hike up to Jeram Perlus (a waterfall) with Jan, John and not sure who else. Should be a good hike. I remember seeing a few cool bundle shops along the way last time. Maybe I will have time to stop and do a bit of shopping :)

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