Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What to wear for this weekend hike?

Two of my friends coincidentally emailed and called me up today about trips this coming weekend. Nothing to do with baju bundle but to join them on outdoor trip. Jan invited me to a waterfall in Ulu Langat while John asked if I am free to head to Kota Damansara for a hike. Well, naturally I said yes to both :)

Okay...the plan is to see what baju bundle I will be wearing this time. I have already made up my mind that I'd be wearing for the first time my jungle boots. Yeah...never thought I'd buy an army type jungle bots but according to a friend called Pak Abu, its the best shoes for the Malaysian bush. So the jungle boots it is. Will wear them to try to break them in. And YES, it is a pair from bundle :) Of course laa...what else. Brand new, looks like an American production, paid RM65 for it. Good bargain I suppose. I have a feeling the seller got the pair of boots from a supplier either in Port Klang or up north in Perlis. These are the two most common places for bundle shoes or kasut bundle. I'll put up the pics tomorrow.

There a few well known brands of jungle boot makers. While many still worship Hitec's renown Magnums, I feel that there are a few other brands that deserves mentioning as well. Among them are the Altama and Wellco. I have come across these brands in bundle but the problem is most of them are lined with Goretex. I know how much Malaysians outdoor kaki like Goretex but through experience, they just don't work in the Malaysian climate. There's a host of reasons for this but the humidity and the heat are the major setbacks for Goretex lined boots. Anyway, kalau dah beli kasut bundle Goretex, pakai ajelah

Okay...I am waaay to sleepy to continue. Gotta go and sleep and dream...perhaps I will dream a nice baju bundle.

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