Saturday, August 23, 2008

Currently looking for Bomber jacket!

Okay...I admit. One of the most difficult item for me (because of my size) is a pair of bomber jacket. Bomber jackets can be found in most kedai bundle but the 'real' ones are not easy to come by. What's so special about bomber jackets?

Well, I am not sure of its actual history but I am sure somehow these where the designs of the original jackets worn by the flying pilots who flew the bomber plans during one of the world wars. Someone once told me that the original ones were mostly made of leather. Famous brands include Avirex and Alpha.

In Malaysia, bomber jackets are popular among the skins and the mods. I am NOT any of them but I think the bomber jackets are unique. They are puffy yet retains that tough look. Oh...also, bomber jackets must have that little patch pocket on the left arm. The pocket patch is zippered and there are two inserts where (as it was told to me) originally used to keep bullets. Cool huh? Also, some bomber jackets are reversible. Below is a sample picture of a bomber jacket I got from ebay. I hope they won't come after me for 'borrowing' this picture. target? A bomber jacket, preferably not green in color, my size (XL or XXL), brands of either Alpha or Avirex, with the signature left hand patch pocket. Hopefully I will find the plastic bullets that they normally keep in there as well. Zippers of the jacket should either be scovil, ideal or gripper. Budget...I reckon I can get it for less than RM100. My biggest challenge would be more of the size.

Wish me luck!

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