Saturday, September 27, 2008

Used American military medical pouch

A friend just called to tell me that he saw a used clothing (kedai bundle) shop somewhere in Sungai Buloh that has some bags, pouches and such. He saw a particular green pouch, that looks like a military pouch. he also told me that the seller wants RM120 for it. He did not ask further.

Anyway...hmmm...perhaps its worth check out. I like bags. Not handbags though. Any bags that has to do with the military or the great outdoors is fine. In Malaysia, these stuff are better off buying from bundle stalls as its probably more real (original) than buying them from stores (many are replicas).

I hope its not one of them replicas. I'd have to go see myself. Cannot tahan liau.
Now I need to convince my friend to bring me to that shop. Will update then...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Used military clothing from bundle

I have mixed feelings about military clothing. They look and feel rugged but at the same time they project this ‘brutal’ and to a certain extent ‘unnecessary ego’ to me. Nevertheless, I know I have to have some of ‘em goods in my kit. So far, I have the Alpha bomber jacket. Which I guess can be considered as a military kit.

But of course the larger perception of military gear would either be camouflage or in black color. Very tough and rugged is always the military image. I have some military kits in my possession. All of them of course are second hands or used. I have used military pants, Some I am using, some I have not the slightest idea why I am bought them in the first place!

But I know for a fact that there are enthusiasts groups who go gogo gaga over military stuff. From miniature mock-ups of real weapons to kit bags and shoes. It’s a real hobby to some.

Perhaps I will showcase some of my military collections soon. Might be interesting aye!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Colorful used clothing stalls

I decided recently that I should share some pictures of the bundle stalls that I usually visit around K.L. What's more important is that I try to show the colors of these used clothing stalls. So that perhaps it will somehow explain partly why I love them so much.

Used clothing or baju bundle in Malaysia comes in a variety of colors and mixtures. Though they were all pre-processed into bales of clothing types (jeans, shirts, sweaters, shorts etc), their color, smell and variety is simply amazing.

Check out this store that's near to the place I stay in P.J area.

There's this one particular baju bundle stall in Chow Kit that i simply must take picture of. They specializes in boxer pants. Yup...used boxer pants has somewhat hit the streets and they seem to be really popular. As much as I adore used clothing, this is the one thing that perhaps I will stay away from.

Stay tuned. More bundle pictures to come.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Found it! My Alpha Bomber Jacket

Yes…I found it! My bomber jacket from used bundle clothing! It was not easy looking for this jacket, due to its size and color mainly, but I manage to find it anyway!

The brand is Alpha Industries. Size fits me well, it’s a XX-Large. He…he…told you it wasn’t easy to find. Anyway, the black label inside the left pocket says that it is made in Knoxwille, Tennesee USA.

This jacket comes with the ‘Ideal’ brand zipper. Which I believe is rather rare among all general clothing. The inside is orange in color. There are some minor scuffs and stains on the jacket but overall, everything is in good condition.

Like any other authentic bomber jacket, this one comes with the left arm pocket as well. And guess what? It has that two plastic bullets in it! See pics below.

I got this jacket from one of them bundle stalls in Chow Kit area. Paid RM80 for it. A bit on the steep side as well but for such an item, especially one that fits me, I’d say it’s a bargain.