Saturday, September 20, 2008

Colorful used clothing stalls

I decided recently that I should share some pictures of the bundle stalls that I usually visit around K.L. What's more important is that I try to show the colors of these used clothing stalls. So that perhaps it will somehow explain partly why I love them so much.

Used clothing or baju bundle in Malaysia comes in a variety of colors and mixtures. Though they were all pre-processed into bales of clothing types (jeans, shirts, sweaters, shorts etc), their color, smell and variety is simply amazing.

Check out this store that's near to the place I stay in P.J area.

There's this one particular baju bundle stall in Chow Kit that i simply must take picture of. They specializes in boxer pants. Yup...used boxer pants has somewhat hit the streets and they seem to be really popular. As much as I adore used clothing, this is the one thing that perhaps I will stay away from.

Stay tuned. More bundle pictures to come.


-xue- said...

do you know any good ones around Muar?For ladies clothing,especially :)

L.C. Keong said...

Hi me there. I have not travelled so far yet. Hmm...maybe you should try contacting Chriszim. You can get him through one of them comments he left me. He's down in Johor. Maybe he knows.

Shopping Counsellor said...
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muor76 said...

-xue- u want ladies cloth arrr?
go to nain bundle lah.. i've seen ladies cloth there.. its near the temple (lorong serkam )before jln arab roundabout.. if u're from bakri watch the shop lot on ur left..

theres many bundle shop in muor.. but the only one shich got ladies clothes is nain bundle..

hakim said...

I wonder if you can help me to sell 2 edwin jeans. It's kepala kain. I'll send you the picture of it, if you want.