Saturday, September 27, 2008

Used American military medical pouch

A friend just called to tell me that he saw a used clothing (kedai bundle) shop somewhere in Sungai Buloh that has some bags, pouches and such. He saw a particular green pouch, that looks like a military pouch. he also told me that the seller wants RM120 for it. He did not ask further.

Anyway...hmmm...perhaps its worth check out. I like bags. Not handbags though. Any bags that has to do with the military or the great outdoors is fine. In Malaysia, these stuff are better off buying from bundle stalls as its probably more real (original) than buying them from stores (many are replicas).

I hope its not one of them replicas. I'd have to go see myself. Cannot tahan liau.
Now I need to convince my friend to bring me to that shop. Will update then...

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