Thursday, September 25, 2008

Used military clothing from bundle

I have mixed feelings about military clothing. They look and feel rugged but at the same time they project this ‘brutal’ and to a certain extent ‘unnecessary ego’ to me. Nevertheless, I know I have to have some of ‘em goods in my kit. So far, I have the Alpha bomber jacket. Which I guess can be considered as a military kit.

But of course the larger perception of military gear would either be camouflage or in black color. Very tough and rugged is always the military image. I have some military kits in my possession. All of them of course are second hands or used. I have used military pants, Some I am using, some I have not the slightest idea why I am bought them in the first place!

But I know for a fact that there are enthusiasts groups who go gogo gaga over military stuff. From miniature mock-ups of real weapons to kit bags and shoes. It’s a real hobby to some.

Perhaps I will showcase some of my military collections soon. Might be interesting aye!

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