Thursday, October 23, 2008

US GI Army Medical Kit/ Pouch; Vintage but nice looking

Recently I got a call from a friend about a US Army pouch he saw in some kedai bundle in Sungai Buloh. I was a bit busy (more like lazy) to go all the way there for a pouch but I remembered having something like that.

So…in I went into the pile of stuff I have tucked away in the big carton box under the windows. Oh…that box is a treasure chest!

Anyway, one thing that caught my eyes was this military medical pouch. I got it from one of them baju bundle shops in Penang many years ago. I had a feeling I already have something of this kind. I just can’t remember where I left it.

Back to the pouch. To be honest, I am not sure if it’s a pouch, a bag or to call it a kit. It looks significant enough to be called a kit. Here’s a picture of the pouch with a small drinking water bottle beside it. I tried looking it up the internet for something similar. There are a few similar designs but perhaps this one is old enough to fall into the ‘vintage’ category.

The pouch is obviously used. It’s rather old actually with metal buckles and the heavy canvas material. There are two badges on the lid of the pouch. Both of the badges are black in color with one depicting the ‘medical’ logo. See pictures below:

These badges can be removed but I have not touched them ever since I bought them. Okay, have a look inside. There are a total of 3 main zippered compartments. The zippers are all made of steel. Initially I thought they were going to be ‘ideal’ zippers, a brand that is rather common among vintage jeans. This pouch however uses zippers from ‘Éclair’ Kind of funny name for zippers. Reminds me of a brand of chocolate candy available here in Malaysia. Have a look at the zippers below:

Coming back to the main sections of the pouch. There is one main compartment. The other two zippered compartments are roughly of the same size but the upper one folds down to create something sort of a ‘chair’ shape.

As you can see, most of the buckles are made of metal. Some has already started to rust. The pouch’s lid is closed by a strap that deploys two methods of open/ close. One way to open the lid is to use the snap link. The other is using the feed through buckle. However, I believe the feed through buckle is for strapping the pouch tight. To access the contents of the pouch by feeding out the strap via the ‘feed through’ buckle would take too long.

Why I think this is a military first aid kit/ pouch? Well, for starters the green color is unmistakably very army and the ‘medical’ badge makes more sense to the pouch. I can not imagine what use the pouch would have except for being a first aid kit to the army people.

The printed numbers on the lid is another giveaway. Why would any civilian want to print such gibberish number on their bags without specific reasons? The one organization that often name their products would be the army.

So, what am I gonna do with this GI Military kit? I have not a clue. I like the idea of using it as my daily pouch to carry my stuff but its just a bit tad too big. The metal buckles, snap-ons etc are just too prone to rust and that’s another downside. Other than that, I think I have a rare collector’s item here. Even if its not, I doubt if I will ever throw it out any time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I wear used clothing to work everyday!

I wasn't feeling very well today so I took a day off from work. Rather than idling aimlessly, so I decided to write a bit about the clothes I wear to work. Unfortunately I am required to wear the monkey suit to work. I have no idea why on earth people in tropical climate would actually wear long sleeves with neck tie, slacks and sometimes coat when necessary. Perhaps because I happen to work with a company that's into the hospitality industry. They pay me at the end of the month, so monkey suit it is.

When I first got the job, my wife actually suggested that I get some new clothes off the shelves. I fiddled with the idea, on the pretext that perhaps I would look a bit more presentable (not that I care) but I threw the idea out the window when I saw the prices in the supermarket. They are ridiculous. Man, they are so expensive I'd rather use the notes, glue them together and turn them into shirts. Some were like RM200 for a shirt. Keep them away from me! For that price and that brand, I'd rather go topless.

F%#* to my favorite kedai bundle. Nothing beats bundle used clothing mate! So...I found this pasar malam baju bundle stall that sells a lot of nice looking shirts. Better still, his bundles are from US mostly. It was God sent.

I think I spent an average of RM10 per piece. RM freakin 10 per piece of good looking shirts. Here are some that's washed and pressed.

For around RM10 per piece, I couldn't care less what brands they were gonna be. They are still monkey suits. But walaaaa...I got me self some Dockers, Van Heusen, Sportif and American Eagles. Spot on!

My favorite so far has to be that Dockers shirt. Its 60% cotton, 40% Polyester, Made in Hong Kong, size 17-17.5. Nice fitting, nice cutting, nice feeling. Can't ask for anything more.

What else? Plenty. I even got my monkey coat from bundle. Not to mention all my 'slacks'. I'll find another day and time to write about those though. In the mean time, I think I will savor this 'off' day of mine from having to be in a monkey suit (YES! I HATE IT!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mr. Bean's suitcase at a used store!

I was cleaning up my 'junk' storeroom the other day and found this suitcase which I bought a few years back in Penang. I think it was the Salvation Army shop that I got it. Anyway, I paid like RM120 for it. I think its a bargain anyway.

Here is what it looks like.

I remember seeing this suitcase tucked away in the corner of a top shelf in the Salvo shop. I didn't think much of it initially. Until I spent like 30 minutes in the store without finding anything interesting. So, I decided to investigate the suitcase closer. The suitcase is really had. Most of the metal buckles have all rusted but they still work. The bag comes with locks but of course the keys are missing. The inside patterns of the bag reminds me of Mr. Bean's picnic towel.

Check out also the 'Made In England' pattern on inside of the suitcase lid.

There are some masking tape stuck on the bag when I git them. I peeled them away only to realize they did not leave any 'sticky' glue bit they actually took away a layer of the suitcase material. Which is a shame really.

What am I doing with it these days? I use it now as part of my study's deco. It gives the study this classic yet classy look. Especially when it is stacked up with a black Hand Made Condotti brief case. And yes, the Condotti too I got from a used store.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Baju bundle in Tioman Island?? thing that I cannot help myself when traveling (pleasure or work) is to lookout for used clothing bundle shops. Even while traveling at 120km/ hour in a car, my eyes will always be scanning the side of roads for kedai bundle.

So...I was in Tioman island again recently, unfortunately this time it was for work. and the crew were out in town when I spotted the below poster stapled to a tree. The posters were everywhere!

Let us not comment about the poster's design but the word 'bundle' surely captured my attention. My first instinct was to race to the shop. I can't imagine how a kedai bundle in Tekek, Tioman would be like. I wonder what items they would have. Would they have quick dry shirts (that I am now dying to find more)...or do they have the same old stuff of jeans and t-shirts.

My excitement however was short lived. Not only does the poster says that the whop will only be opened in the evenings after 830pm but I was there on the second day of Raya Aidilfitri. There is not way on earth the shop will be opened. And I can't come back top the shop as I will be working again.

Sigh...I was soooo excited on the prospect of checking out bundle in Tioman but I guess that will have to wait another time. Can't be that long before I have to make a beeline again to Tioman island for work. Perhaps then the shop will be opened. Perhaps also by then they would have a better looking poster stapled all over Tekek!