Monday, October 6, 2008

Baju bundle in Tioman Island?? thing that I cannot help myself when traveling (pleasure or work) is to lookout for used clothing bundle shops. Even while traveling at 120km/ hour in a car, my eyes will always be scanning the side of roads for kedai bundle.

So...I was in Tioman island again recently, unfortunately this time it was for work. and the crew were out in town when I spotted the below poster stapled to a tree. The posters were everywhere!

Let us not comment about the poster's design but the word 'bundle' surely captured my attention. My first instinct was to race to the shop. I can't imagine how a kedai bundle in Tekek, Tioman would be like. I wonder what items they would have. Would they have quick dry shirts (that I am now dying to find more)...or do they have the same old stuff of jeans and t-shirts.

My excitement however was short lived. Not only does the poster says that the whop will only be opened in the evenings after 830pm but I was there on the second day of Raya Aidilfitri. There is not way on earth the shop will be opened. And I can't come back top the shop as I will be working again.

Sigh...I was soooo excited on the prospect of checking out bundle in Tioman but I guess that will have to wait another time. Can't be that long before I have to make a beeline again to Tioman island for work. Perhaps then the shop will be opened. Perhaps also by then they would have a better looking poster stapled all over Tekek!

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