Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I wear used clothing to work everyday!

I wasn't feeling very well today so I took a day off from work. Rather than idling aimlessly, so I decided to write a bit about the clothes I wear to work. Unfortunately I am required to wear the monkey suit to work. I have no idea why on earth people in tropical climate would actually wear long sleeves with neck tie, slacks and sometimes coat when necessary. Perhaps because I happen to work with a company that's into the hospitality industry. They pay me at the end of the month, so monkey suit it is.

When I first got the job, my wife actually suggested that I get some new clothes off the shelves. I fiddled with the idea, on the pretext that perhaps I would look a bit more presentable (not that I care) but I threw the idea out the window when I saw the prices in the supermarket. They are ridiculous. Man, they are so expensive I'd rather use the notes, glue them together and turn them into shirts. Some were like RM200 for a shirt. Keep them away from me! For that price and that brand, I'd rather go topless.

F%#* to my favorite kedai bundle. Nothing beats bundle used clothing mate! So...I found this pasar malam baju bundle stall that sells a lot of nice looking shirts. Better still, his bundles are from US mostly. It was God sent.

I think I spent an average of RM10 per piece. RM freakin 10 per piece of good looking shirts. Here are some that's washed and pressed.

For around RM10 per piece, I couldn't care less what brands they were gonna be. They are still monkey suits. But walaaaa...I got me self some Dockers, Van Heusen, Sportif and American Eagles. Spot on!

My favorite so far has to be that Dockers shirt. Its 60% cotton, 40% Polyester, Made in Hong Kong, size 17-17.5. Nice fitting, nice cutting, nice feeling. Can't ask for anything more.

What else? Plenty. I even got my monkey coat from bundle. Not to mention all my 'slacks'. I'll find another day and time to write about those though. In the mean time, I think I will savor this 'off' day of mine from having to be in a monkey suit (YES! I HATE IT!)

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