Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mr. Bean's suitcase at a used store!

I was cleaning up my 'junk' storeroom the other day and found this suitcase which I bought a few years back in Penang. I think it was the Salvation Army shop that I got it. Anyway, I paid like RM120 for it. I think its a bargain anyway.

Here is what it looks like.

I remember seeing this suitcase tucked away in the corner of a top shelf in the Salvo shop. I didn't think much of it initially. Until I spent like 30 minutes in the store without finding anything interesting. So, I decided to investigate the suitcase closer. The suitcase is really had. Most of the metal buckles have all rusted but they still work. The bag comes with locks but of course the keys are missing. The inside patterns of the bag reminds me of Mr. Bean's picnic towel.

Check out also the 'Made In England' pattern on inside of the suitcase lid.

There are some masking tape stuck on the bag when I git them. I peeled them away only to realize they did not leave any 'sticky' glue bit they actually took away a layer of the suitcase material. Which is a shame really.

What am I doing with it these days? I use it now as part of my study's deco. It gives the study this classic yet classy look. Especially when it is stacked up with a black Hand Made Condotti brief case. And yes, the Condotti too I got from a used store.

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