Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bag outdoor Gregory Crux from kedai bundle; outdoor gear

This is the used Gregory Crux daypack that I recently purchased from a kedai bundle in Gombak town, not very far from K.L. I think this pack looks great and it’s very rare and old (based on what I know that is). I thought the days of branded packs from bundle shops are over man. With so many more people into packs, pouches etc, I consider this as a superb find. I’d never expect to find such a bag at any bundle shops these days. The overall condition isn’t great. The internal layer of waterproofing is mostly gone. Color has faded much. The stitching are still good but some edges of the material (probably cordura) type are starting to fur up.

My guess is that this Gregory Crux daypack is somewhat 20 litres or so. Perhaps 1 tenth of the Osprey Ariel I sold a couple of month back. It really is a simple design. A typical stiff sheath keeps the pack in shape with no fancy padding. The shoulder straps are just the straight type, not even a chest buckle. Can’t say much with the waist strap as well. Just a piece of webbing. From the pack’s design, I would say that this Gregory Crus is made to hit the commuters rather than the technical outdoorsman. I tried google this pack and the model but didn’t find much except for a Japanese website with several Gregory packs for auction. There are several hits on the keyword Crux backpack but it came from brands like Mountainsmith and even Boreal!

The Gregory engraving on the front buckle

Below are some pictures of parts of the pack. This pack even comes with a special slot for mineral water bottles (at least that is what I think they are for). The cool think about this pack that I like is perhaps the kangaroo like pouch that’s between the small front pouch and the main compartment. It allows objects of different objects to be stashed away. Even a bike helmet. I think that’s useful.

The water bottle 'slot' on the Gregory Crux daypack

The 'kangaroo' slot is useful and practical

Now …as for the origins of this pack. I strongly believe that this particular rare and obsolete Gregory pack is designed and produced specifically for the Japan market. The Japanese are mad about Gregory products and being a smart brand, Gregory of course would cash in on it. Below is the only internal label that I can find.

This pack is old. Probably not made for the ‘real’ outdoors. But I think I will put it into good use, starting with replacing my old Eagle Creek sling pack with this Crux for work! My Eagle Creek (by the way, also bought from a used clothing store) can really use a break after so many years of service.

Ini bag Gregory Crux I dapat dari satu kedai dekat Gombak. Itu pun tak sengaja. Tengah dalam perjalanan ke Batu Caves, Nampak tepi jalan satu kedai bundle. Singgah kejap…tak sangka boleh jumpa bag outdoor bundle. Gregory, jenama Amerika Syarikat yang memang mahal gile. Orang US gila habis jenama ni. Kat Malaysia, tak banyak rasanya orang yang pakai barang outdoor Gregory. Mahal.

Bag bundle ini tak besar saiznya. Lebih kurang 20 liter. Kemuningkinan besar bag ini dibuat lebih pada gaya, bukan untuk mendaki atau outdoor yang ekstreem sangat. Tapi design I rasa cantik. Cukup cantik untuk I ambik bawa gi kerja. Dah sampai masa untuk bagi bag silang Eagle Creek yang dahg bertahun lama untuk berehat seketika.

Bag outdoor bundle ni taklah elok sangat. Tapi sekarang memang susah nak cari bag bundle. Jarang nak jumpa. Ada pun ekor-ekor. Entah apalaa nasib saya hari itu, boleh juga jumpa bag Gregory. Mana nak cari?!!

Minat bag outdoor bundle? Jenguk-jenguklah koleksi bag outdoor bundle yang saya ada.


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RM75, okay tak? I rasa bolehlaaa...Gregory lagi maa :)

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