Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baju bundle The North Face, ROCKSOLID; Used outdoor gear

I was digging through a pile of old baju bundle and found this The North Face (TNF) half pants. This TNF of course I got from one of them kedai baju bundle. Can’t remember where exactly but could be in a pasar malam back in Penang. This was years ago. That time, TNF is barely heard off and many people pass it as just any other crappy brand. Anyway, having subscribed to the Outdoor magazine back then, I had a bit of heads up on what brands to look out for.

I have been a big fan of outdoor gear for many years. A fetish some say but heck with it. Outdoor gear are normally made with purpose, with materials and designs that sometimes would blow your mind away.

Coming back to this TNF seluar pendek (seluar-pants, pendek-short), I assume that it is made more for fashion rather with technical use in mind. It’s always so for designs and models for the Japanese market. The internal tag gave it away. It’s a piece that is designated to target the Japanese and this comes as no surprise as many used bundle clothing comes from Japan as well.

I cannot fit into this pair anymore. Yup, has put on quite a bit since then and Size M doesn’t really cut it. But I like the ‘branding’ so to say on this item. Check out the picture below. The keychain loop is an added plus as well. Then again perhaps a real adventurer wouldn’t want ‘chains’ hanging around as well. Unless the loop is used to attached something they need and can’t afford to lose, like the Leatherman tool.

The loop for keys or the essential tools?

The 'extra' patch at the crotch area

This Rocksolid North Face shorts is probably designed for climbers as well. Besides the model name (Rocksolid) and rather tough cotton construction, the ‘extended’ crotch area also allows for flexibility. Something that has been the hallmark of most adventurer pants, to allow comfort and ease of movement. Oh…trust me…this ‘extension’ makes a whole lot of difference. Especially when squatting and kneeling. No need to worry that something will go ‘crack’. For climbers I believe this would really allow them to ‘hook’ (or whatever term they call it) their feet up high without having to pull up the pants for more slack.

Well, I will be starting a new category now, called the Outdoor Gear. Since most of my outdoor gear are either bought second hand or hand downs, I thought it is good to put them up on my blog too 

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