Sunday, November 9, 2008

A rare military-like pant (82857382) from used bundle clothing

This is one military-like pant I recently purchased from a used bundle clothing seller. I honestly don’t fancy military stuff, especially those in camouflage design and color but again at times, can’t help but get very fascinated with the design and material used to make them.

I am not sure if this is really a pair of military pant. Or it could be just a replica. Anyway, I actually walked pass it once, had a quick look but decided not to buy because it looks very military. But, the second time around I was there, this little voice in me was telling me to have a second look. The next thing I knew, it’s already in my pack on the way home.

I find this pair of pant interesting. I can’t tell for sure where it is made or for which army (if it is an army pant to begin with). The reason for the number title above (82857382) is because it’s the only indication/ markings I can find on the pants. Nothing else. The general army type of used clothing you’d find in bundle normally has a green tag indicating things like ‘NATO number XXX’, size range etc. This one is different.

Some peculiar observations…this pant have the usual two (slit) pockets but it also has this small pocket patch pocket on the right side at the front. It cannot be a watch pocket because of its size (big) and it’s weird also to be on a pair of army trousers. Wouldn’t the wearer loose items easily with a pocket like this? Especially when there is no flap covering it.

The same goes with the back pocket. It’s a really unsecured kind of pocket to be on a military pant if you ask me.

More interesting stuff…like all cargo and most military pants, side pockets are a must. This pair has side pockets with buttoned flap on both sides.
However, while most military designs that I have seen, they are rather wide and the designs normally allows the pocket to extend (folds at the side expand) when stuffed with things. This pant has like a patch pocket with a flap but it is deep and narrow. It seems to be built to contain certain items that are long but rather thin. My Garmin GPS76CSx would slide in perfectly but stuffing wide brim hat in would be a challenge really. It will still fit but will be uncomfortable I reckon.

Let’s hypothetically say that it’s a replica or a designer pant. How about the padded knee pads? Not only are knee pads double layered but they actually have a certain added material inside for that extra protection/ cushion. You can see the wave pattern of the inside material of the knee pad clearly in the picture below.

The pant’s knee pad

Picture of the knee part with the pant turn inside out

Note also that the knee pad is sewn up and there is no way I can remove out whatever is in the knee pad without undoing the stitching.

This pair of pant comes with button fly. The same buttons are also used as suspender’s attachments point.

Button flies

The suspenders buttons

If this pair is a replica and it comes with suspenders, probably this pair is from Japan I think. Suspenders are popular in Japan fashion. Especially among the skin and the mods.

There are a number of oddities to this pair of paint. On top of all the above, noticeably are also the double layered bum. Bviously for additional toughness. The material of this pant in itself I would say is already heavy. Doubling it at the bum area is rather overkill but perhaps the makers expect the users to do a lot of bum rubbing. I wonder…

Already the material is really tough, they also made double layered bum

It is also worth mentioning perhaps is the ends of each leg of the pant. It has this female button slot. When I fold the ends of the pants, I find a button that can be used to keep the folding in place (so that it does not unfold itself all the way). See pics below.

There are plenty of repairs done to this pant. Patches and zigzag sewing was used to patch probably holes and tears. But the workmanship is quite good. The thread used is almost of similar color to the pant itself. Whoever did all these repairs obviously invested time and resources getting it done.

This 82857382 military-like pant is unique. I like it and I would probably keep it as part of my collection. I may or may not wear it but until I find out really where it came from, I think it will just sit among the pile of ‘rare’ collection that I have. I just hope the repairs done on it are not due to bullet holes (someone died in it?) but more of its sentimental value and uniqueness. If it turns out to be a replica, then I would gladly shift it into my ‘bust ‘em’ pile of clothes.

So…anyone out there can help me identify where or which army this pair of pants belongs to?

Fuh…menarik habis seluar ni. Tapi I betul-betul tak tau samaada seluar askar atau tidak. Kalau-pun seluar askar, entah dari mana. Banyak cirri-ciri pelik seluar ni. Kalau seluar askar, taka nada poket depan dan belakang yang tak boleh ditutup? Jatuh la barang. Tapi kalau cakap seluar fesyen pun pelik gak. Buntuk dua lapis, tebal gile. Lutut pula dua lapis, ada pulak disumbat dengan entah apa dalam tu. Seluar pakai cerut, tapi ada pulak butang untuk pakai ‘suspender’. Macam pulak gaya skin. Ai…pelik. Cuma ada label nombor je.
Okay…kalu kawan-kawan tau apa seluar ni, bagi tau. I teringin nak tau.

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