Thursday, December 25, 2008

Uniqlo Quick Dry shirt from used clothing stalls

I have began to replace most of my shirts with these Uniqlo Quick dry shirts. I first discovered this shirt in Langkawi when I was working there. I bought a piece for RM10 at a shop (kedai) bundle in Kuah town. I have officially fallen in love with them ever since.

The Uniqlo brand is a popular and affordable clothing manufacturer from Japan. I am not sure if the manufacturer them clothing in Japan (I doubt so) but the colors, designs and material are all very up to date. One can find Uniqlo products including jeans, shirts, jackets and some hankie as well.

Catering to the Japanese market, it is only natural that their sizes are a bit tad smaller compared to the usual baju bundle, especially those from the US. I can fit a L nicely but with any brands from Japan, it has to be anything bigger than XL.

Thank God these quick dry shirts are rather stretchable. I like them cause they don’t absorb sweat all too much and they also do not retain them. The tiny holes that makes up the fabric allows for air to flow in between, especially helpful in Malaysia’s hot and humid climate.

Uniqlo not only produces a lot of clothing but they also come up with all sorts of different ‘presentations’ for their products. These quick dry shirts for example, some in many designs. I have at least 5 different designs but each of them have a different ‘presentation’ in terms of label or tag used. The picture below shows the labels on 3 different types of quick dry shirts from Uniqlo.

All of the above are from uniqlo. Notice that the tags does not indicate that at all. The middle shirt’s tag is a typical tag for shirts from this Uniqlo brand. One can find it not only on quick dries but also on cotton shirts and round neck.
The bottom ‘body tech’ shirt is one of the most current I think. They are made to look very trendy and ‘hi-tech’.
The top shirt has no labels or tags. The shirt’s size etc is printed, most probably through heat transfer onto the shirt. The printings have mostly peeled off though. But this particular shirt has a small loop stitched to it. I have not a clue what it is for but a friend said it would probably be used for hanging the shirt up.

I paid anything around RM5 to RM10 for one of these shirts. They can be found at most bundle shops.

I sekarang dah naik gila dengan baju jenis quick-dry (cepat kering). Material macam sikit dengan jersey bola. Baju jenis ni sedap pakai, tak serap peluh sangat tapi yang paling best, cepat kering. Walaupun berpeluh, dalam keadaan ada angin, sejuk aje rasanya. I dah boleh dapat banyak dari kedai bundle. Dari belah Kedah sampai belah K.L, kalau ada singgah aje mesti usha baju quick dry.

Begitu banyak I dah rembat, sampai orang rumah pulak buat bising. Baju lama yang cotton semua dah bungkus boleh jual (kedai bundle kononnya!). Takdelaaa…saying laa baju lama lain. Semua ori bundle belaka.

Brand yang I carik ialah brand dari Uniqlo. Tapi banyak baju cepat kering Uniqlo tak ada ‘label’ uniqlo. Yang ada cuma label saiz. Nak tau brand, kena selak baju label dalam dekat pinggang. Baju cepat kering Uniqlo sedap pakai, design pun sempoi, jarang pulak ada printing benda pelik-pelik.

Cuma satu saje I songeh. Saiz orang Jepun memang kecik. Maklumlah Uniqlo ni brand Jepun. Aku ni dah laa tough sikit, saiz XL pun kena sumbat gak. Tak kire!

Mana nak cari? Kebanyakan kedai bundle ada. Cuma nak kena rajin selak. Tapi baju jenis ni jarang jatuh bundle baju t-shirt. Jenis ni banyak jatuh dalam bundle jersey. Okaylaa…orang sibuk kutip baju jersey bola, durian runtuh laaa bagi aku…

Monday, December 22, 2008

Old The North Face (TNF) shorts

Ha...ha...ha...I found yet another pair of The North Face short pants. This one I think has got to be one of the oldest I have ever seen. I was in Kulim a few weeks back and saw this kedai bundle. Waaa...cannot tahan. Just had to make a quick detour. My mom, aunt and wife would have to bear with me while I browse through the racks.

An old TNF short pants

This pair of TNF shorts but have been hanging at the end of the rack like forever. The color has faded, there are small brown spots growing all over. I thought for a second, did some haggling and walked away with the TNF short pants for RM3. Bargain eh? The only problem is that I can't wear it!

Anyway...I am happy coz this item is sooo opposite to the TNF Rocksolid I posted earlier. This pair of TNF shorts doesn't come with many of the 'blings' of current models. Even the inside tag looks...'ancient'.

Old tag for an old pants. No fancy labels inside. Made in Bangladesh

Though it has a built-in 'belt', its a thread through. And note that there are no special TNF label on this threaded 'belt'.

Simple, basic design, unlike the more 'trendy' Rocksolid design...see below

Despite it's old looking design without all the blings, this old TNF shorts already displays the 'spacious' crotch. A signature design for most outdoor pants specifically for ease of movement.

The 'extra' spacious crotch allows ease of movement

Aaaaahhh...for RM3, I get to have a real close look at this TNF short pants. I am satisfied. Now, if only I can find a use for it...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

X-Large brand shorts, from kedai bundle

One of the brands that have always intrigued me is the X-Large brand. When I first heard about this brand, I thought they were referring to clothing sizes but it became apparent that this brand is in a league of its own.

This is a pair of X-Large shorts that I got from a used clothing store (kedai bundle) in Perak. For RM15, my gut feeling is that the seller doesn’t really know his brands. He even sold me a Prana used shirt for RM10 only.

Then again, this pair of X-large shorts could be selling at this price due to the fact that it is originally a long pants being cut into shorts. The stitching are not all that great and the thread doesn’t match the rest of the garment. Anyway, I have never owned a X-Large item, so RM15 is okay I suppose.

Over the years, I found that many of these skate brands and perhaps also ‘alternative’ brands like to use pictures of apes or big apes as their logo or trademark. A quick glance through Xlarge website and you will know what I mean. Other brands that uses apes or monkeys that I know of includes Ben Sherman, A bathing Ape and Milo.

Unfortunatelly, there are no monkey or ape faces on this pair of shorts. The is an Xlarge label stitched on the right pocket.

Xlarge is popular in US but even more in Japan. At one point, used XLarge tees and other clothing products can easily fetch over a hundred ringgit, even in pasar malam. They are so rare and baju bundle sellers considers finding one like hitting a gold mine.

But the value and also the prices of XLarge items in the baju bundle community has dropped rather sharply I think. In big cities like KL, the prices may be higher but in smaller towns, one can really get a bargain for them.

What more with so many fake items in the market these days. Brands like XLarge and A Bathing Ape especially has been targets as fake items due to their high demand and price. I sometimes feel that the best possible way for a person to get an original item is to actually head down to a baju bundle shop.

Ini sehelai seluar pendek jenama XLarge yang I dapat dari sebuah kedai bundle kat Perak. Boleh tahanlaa…walaupun design simple, tak banyak songeh. Seluar ini I rasa asalnya seluar panjang tapi dah dipotong jadi seluar pendek. Tak kisahlaaa…janji ori.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bison Belts soft peak cap for the outdoors; barang outdoor bundle

I recently bought an interesting cap to add to my collection of barang outdoor bundle. He..he…I was actually looking for a kavu cap but stumbled upon this one instead. I was looking for a cap designed for adventure use, especially one that does not have that pesky button on the top. The button is really irritating, especially when having to put on a helmet.

This cap is really suitable for adventure stuff I think. The color I would say is nice, plus the trimming of colorful band really adds a sense of ‘coolness’ to it. There’s ventilation meshes on both sides…without the button definitely.

The best thing about this cap is the peak. I donno what else to call it since that is what they refer it as when I did my short (and painful) stint with the Navy long time ago. Unlike most caps, the peak is hard. Normally produced with a hard piece of plastic inside to hold its shape. This Bison Belts cap however is soft, flexible and still does its work. It doesn’t droop down when in use. But I can literraly crumple it up and stuff it into my pocket without having to worry about the peak breaking into pieces. To prove to you, I bundle up this Bison Belts cap into a smallest bundle I can and held it with a rubber-band to hold it in place.

Now, I have not seen many caps that can do that. This is more common with wide brim hats like the ones made by the brand Columbia. But for a cap, this is the first time ever I see a design like this. This adds well into my stash of ‘barang outdoor bundle’.

There are no internal tag.

The only tag available is attached to the cap size adjustment strap at the back of the cap. Perhaps they have done their homework and realize that a tag on the inside of a cap can sometimes cause irritation to the wearer. So, I think the label on this cap is placed well.

The tag on this Bison Belts soft peak cap is located on its adjustable strap

Overall, I would say that this is a great cap for use in the outdoors. If one wear to wear a hat underneath a climbing helmet, one does not have to worry about two things. One is the pesky little button on the top. The other is a hard peak cap that will obstruct a climber from getting real ‘close’ with the wall. Something that I believe many climbers would appreciate, especially in sunny and hot Malaysia

Ini topi Bison Belts (US) yang I beli dari satu kedai bundle baru-baru ini. Yang best pasal topi ini ialah 'peak' topi ini jenis lembut. Bukan macam topi biasa yang ada 'peak' keras berplastik di dalam. Ini mungkin sesuai untuk aktiviti lasak/ outdoor seperti wall climbing dan main kayak jeram dimana pemakai mungkin perlu rapat pada permukaan yang keras. Kalau pakai topi dengan 'peak' keras, mesti susah nak bergerak, malah boleh menyakitkan kalau terhantuk.