Monday, December 8, 2008

Bison Belts soft peak cap for the outdoors; barang outdoor bundle

I recently bought an interesting cap to add to my collection of barang outdoor bundle. He..he…I was actually looking for a kavu cap but stumbled upon this one instead. I was looking for a cap designed for adventure use, especially one that does not have that pesky button on the top. The button is really irritating, especially when having to put on a helmet.

This cap is really suitable for adventure stuff I think. The color I would say is nice, plus the trimming of colorful band really adds a sense of ‘coolness’ to it. There’s ventilation meshes on both sides…without the button definitely.

The best thing about this cap is the peak. I donno what else to call it since that is what they refer it as when I did my short (and painful) stint with the Navy long time ago. Unlike most caps, the peak is hard. Normally produced with a hard piece of plastic inside to hold its shape. This Bison Belts cap however is soft, flexible and still does its work. It doesn’t droop down when in use. But I can literraly crumple it up and stuff it into my pocket without having to worry about the peak breaking into pieces. To prove to you, I bundle up this Bison Belts cap into a smallest bundle I can and held it with a rubber-band to hold it in place.

Now, I have not seen many caps that can do that. This is more common with wide brim hats like the ones made by the brand Columbia. But for a cap, this is the first time ever I see a design like this. This adds well into my stash of ‘barang outdoor bundle’.

There are no internal tag.

The only tag available is attached to the cap size adjustment strap at the back of the cap. Perhaps they have done their homework and realize that a tag on the inside of a cap can sometimes cause irritation to the wearer. So, I think the label on this cap is placed well.

The tag on this Bison Belts soft peak cap is located on its adjustable strap

Overall, I would say that this is a great cap for use in the outdoors. If one wear to wear a hat underneath a climbing helmet, one does not have to worry about two things. One is the pesky little button on the top. The other is a hard peak cap that will obstruct a climber from getting real ‘close’ with the wall. Something that I believe many climbers would appreciate, especially in sunny and hot Malaysia

Ini topi Bison Belts (US) yang I beli dari satu kedai bundle baru-baru ini. Yang best pasal topi ini ialah 'peak' topi ini jenis lembut. Bukan macam topi biasa yang ada 'peak' keras berplastik di dalam. Ini mungkin sesuai untuk aktiviti lasak/ outdoor seperti wall climbing dan main kayak jeram dimana pemakai mungkin perlu rapat pada permukaan yang keras. Kalau pakai topi dengan 'peak' keras, mesti susah nak bergerak, malah boleh menyakitkan kalau terhantuk.

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