Monday, December 22, 2008

Old The North Face (TNF) shorts

Ha...ha...ha...I found yet another pair of The North Face short pants. This one I think has got to be one of the oldest I have ever seen. I was in Kulim a few weeks back and saw this kedai bundle. Waaa...cannot tahan. Just had to make a quick detour. My mom, aunt and wife would have to bear with me while I browse through the racks.

An old TNF short pants

This pair of TNF shorts but have been hanging at the end of the rack like forever. The color has faded, there are small brown spots growing all over. I thought for a second, did some haggling and walked away with the TNF short pants for RM3. Bargain eh? The only problem is that I can't wear it!

Anyway...I am happy coz this item is sooo opposite to the TNF Rocksolid I posted earlier. This pair of TNF shorts doesn't come with many of the 'blings' of current models. Even the inside tag looks...'ancient'.

Old tag for an old pants. No fancy labels inside. Made in Bangladesh

Though it has a built-in 'belt', its a thread through. And note that there are no special TNF label on this threaded 'belt'.

Simple, basic design, unlike the more 'trendy' Rocksolid design...see below

Despite it's old looking design without all the blings, this old TNF shorts already displays the 'spacious' crotch. A signature design for most outdoor pants specifically for ease of movement.

The 'extra' spacious crotch allows ease of movement

Aaaaahhh...for RM3, I get to have a real close look at this TNF short pants. I am satisfied. Now, if only I can find a use for it...

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