Tuesday, December 16, 2008

X-Large brand shorts, from kedai bundle

One of the brands that have always intrigued me is the X-Large brand. When I first heard about this brand, I thought they were referring to clothing sizes but it became apparent that this brand is in a league of its own.

This is a pair of X-Large shorts that I got from a used clothing store (kedai bundle) in Perak. For RM15, my gut feeling is that the seller doesn’t really know his brands. He even sold me a Prana used shirt for RM10 only.

Then again, this pair of X-large shorts could be selling at this price due to the fact that it is originally a long pants being cut into shorts. The stitching are not all that great and the thread doesn’t match the rest of the garment. Anyway, I have never owned a X-Large item, so RM15 is okay I suppose.

Over the years, I found that many of these skate brands and perhaps also ‘alternative’ brands like to use pictures of apes or big apes as their logo or trademark. A quick glance through Xlarge website and you will know what I mean. Other brands that uses apes or monkeys that I know of includes Ben Sherman, A bathing Ape and Milo.

Unfortunatelly, there are no monkey or ape faces on this pair of shorts. The is an Xlarge label stitched on the right pocket.

Xlarge is popular in US but even more in Japan. At one point, used XLarge tees and other clothing products can easily fetch over a hundred ringgit, even in pasar malam. They are so rare and baju bundle sellers considers finding one like hitting a gold mine.

But the value and also the prices of XLarge items in the baju bundle community has dropped rather sharply I think. In big cities like KL, the prices may be higher but in smaller towns, one can really get a bargain for them.

What more with so many fake items in the market these days. Brands like XLarge and A Bathing Ape especially has been targets as fake items due to their high demand and price. I sometimes feel that the best possible way for a person to get an original item is to actually head down to a baju bundle shop.

Ini sehelai seluar pendek jenama XLarge yang I dapat dari sebuah kedai bundle kat Perak. Boleh tahanlaa…walaupun design simple, tak banyak songeh. Seluar ini I rasa asalnya seluar panjang tapi dah dipotong jadi seluar pendek. Tak kisahlaaa…janji ori.

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