Friday, January 30, 2009

Jack Wolfskin sleeveless vest, size M

Hi everyone...

Great news...I am moving my blog on all things bundle to a new site. I will keep updating short excerpts of my entries here but the full entry will be at this new site.

Jack Wolfskin is an outdoor brand. They make all sort of products for adventure. This is the first product from this brand that I own. Its a vest...size M. Click here to read my review of this vest.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Used, American made Mountainsmith Tour Pack waist pouch

Here I have a used (not abused) American made Mountainsmith Tour Pack waist pouch. I got it used (second hand) from an ebay guy a number of years ago. I paid very little for it using the ‘Buy It Now’ feature. But with shipping, I remembered I paid like RM100 for it. Yup…a little too expensive compare to the normal prices I could have paid through the local ‘baju bundle’ shops but finding one like this is really not easy. What’s more, during one of the trips to Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Thailand, I saw a similar item (different color) going for around RM220. So, I think I still got a good price for it.

Before we go any further, most important thing I need to mention is that this Mountainsmith Tour Pack waist pouch is an old model and probably made in Boulder, Colorado, USA. A similar model (not sure what model) can be found in some of the sporting shops in Singapore already. The newer models now are mostly made in either Taiwan or Korea (I think). Having their products made overseas does not necessarily mean that the quality has declined but perhaps having an item that is made in the country of it’s origin has an ‘authentic’ feel to it.

The Mountainsmith Tour Pack lumbar / waist pack

Mountainsmith is not big in Malaysia. This outdoor equipment brand is almost unknown here. It is however very popular in US but of recent years, I think their popularity has somehow declined. Like many other outdoor equipment brands, I personally think they have gone long too much with meeting the mass market’s demands, creating too many models that are more designer than functional.

Like many other products of American outdoor equipment brands, this lumbar pack comes with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. I got confused (still am to be honest) with all the straps, bungee and attachments on the pack. I just can’t figure out what they are used for (except for the side compression straps). The rest are mind boggling (is there such a word??).

The waist straps are not rocket science nor are they padded to the extreme. Just a simple double layer of what seems to be cordura material. The good thing though is that the waist straps can be packed away in a small Velcro pocket. To carry it then is just by using the sling straps.

The waist straps are simple, almost no padding at all

The waist straps on the Mountainsmith Tour Pack tucked away in the pocket behind

There are only two white tags I can find on this pack. The first one is sewn onto the waist strap. This tag has a Mountainsmith logo with the words ‘ U.S Patent No 5025965’. Well, at least its not ‘Patent Pending’ like most other products.

The white tag label on the waist strap

I have used this Tour Pack a couple of times. I honestly prefer to sling it around my shoulders rather than having it around my waist. I have packed it to the brim. Works find and the seams seems to be holding on well. But fully packed and weighing in a bit, the pack is not the most comfortable thing to have clinging around the waist. In terms of pockets, this pack offers 3 pockets. One on the front of the pack, and a small one whish is located inside the main pocket.

The small pocket inside the main pocket of the Tour Pack

The zippers used are from YKK. Big strong zippers and yellow colored pullers are attached to them for ease of use. I really do find them useful. And the colors help to identify where they are as well and this can be useful in the dark.

In terms of use, I would say that this Mountainsmith Tour Pack lumbar / waist pack is okay. Not extremely comfortable fully loaded but it can really take in a lot of gear. I have another lumbar pack from this same brand called the ‘Day Pack’ model. Its probably double the size of this pack.

I guess the availability of the pockets really helps in organizing my stuff. Then again, the more bells you have, the more places for it to go wrong. I can really use the pack to be simpler, less straps. The straps confuses me and God know what they are for. Love the ‘pack away’ waist straps though 

If someone wants to buy this pack, chances are I will sell it off. For a reasonable prices that is. I hardly use it and it sits in the store room with the rest of the packs most of the time. For short trips, I still prefer to just use a small daypack.

Ini bag pinggang (waist pouch) dari Mountainsmith. Modelnya ‘Tour Pack’. I dapat dari ebay beberapa tahun dahulu. Sekali hantar dalam RM100 (lebih kurang laa). Brand outdoor ni take popular sangat kat Malaysia. malah ada yang tak pernah dengar pun. Tapi kat US dan Jepun, boleh tahan la.

Beg outdoor ni satu saje yang I kureng minat. Tali menali dia banyak tak terkira. Boleh naik gila nak guna. Entah apa gune (kecuali compression), entah apa guna tali banyak-banyak. Mungkin untuk ikat atau kepit barang kat luar tapi I jenis yang tak minat letak barang-barang tergantung kat luar. Itu zaman koboi beb.

Beg ni I betul-betul jarang guna. Guna pun sekali dua. Kalau ada orang yang minat nak beli, boleh contact I, bagilaaa offer. Kalau okay, I let go je. Nak clear stock katakana.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old, used and abused The North Face pack able 22L daypack; beg bundle

I found this old, used and obviously abused 22 litre daypack by The North Face in the pile of used items I have been keeping all this while. This daypack was in the same hidden and forgotten pile of used items where I found the old (probably) vintage Lowe Alpine (will post this later)

This TNF 22L daypack has certainly seen better days. It’s used, abused to the extent of needing stitches and patches to be useable again. Anyway, at one time in the baju bundle or used clothing craze in Malaysia, enthusiasts would just grab any TNF item that falls out of the used clothing bale. It’s like the item to have. So, not wanting to miss any part of the action, I too had my own collection of TNF items. From daypacks to shirts and shorts, I had to have some pieces too!

I probably got this item from Thailand. If not mistaken, from the town of Aran at the border of Thailand-Cambodia. I did a trip there with Meun (now my wife!) and she insisted that we go there. It was her ‘surprise’ for me that trip. What a surprise it was. The place was baju bundle heaven!

Anyway, with its condition, I don’t remember paying much for it. Probably around RM20. At that time, it is really hard top come by a TNF item, more so a pack. Despite the damages and abuse, I felt that it can be repaired. Some needle work and a bit of washing should get the pack back in shape.

One main compartment, drawstrings on the outside. I found a small pocket on the inside (top) which turns out to be the pouch that holds the pack together when packed in. See picture below.

The harness for this pack is…simple. Very thin padded shoulder straps with no funky back system. They can’t have any padded or frames since the model is the pack able type. There is a small rip right where the shoulder straps joins the main pack. I can get that sewn back easy.

This pack is old. More than that, it’s abused but not beyond repair. I would call it the old, used, abused but loved The North Face pack able 22L daypack. I bought it from a kedai bundle (used clothing store) and that is what makes it even more special!

If you are into The North Face brand, click on the following to see more of the items that I have.

Old TNF shorts
Rock solid TNF pants

I jumpa beg The North Face (TNF) ini dalam himpunan barang-barang bundle lain kat rumah. Barang-barang ini tersembunyi sekian lama didalam alm ari, I pun dah tak ingat yang mereka masih wujud!

Beg TNF I rasa-rasa I beli dekat pasar besar bundle di Aran, satu tempat di sempadan Thai-Kemboja. Fuiyoooh…giler betul la barang-barang kat situ. Banyak sampai kena sewa basikal nak kayuh untuk tengok semua barang. Beg, walaupun tak banyak kedai yang jual, memang popular. I dapat beg TNF ini kalau tak silap dalam RM20 kut. Tapi memang banyak rosak. Pakai jarum ngan benang, semua settle.

Bag North Face ini jenis yang boleh lipat dan sumbat masuk poket. Ada sato kocek kecik dalam bag ni yang boleh zipkan keseluruhan bag itu. Oleh kerana bag ini jenis ‘pack able’, maka reka-bentuknya pun simple. Tak ada tali menali dan ‘padding’ lebih-lebih yang menyemak. Semuanya simple belaka. Tengok gambar atas.

I rasa beg ini jatuh dari bundle Jepun. Tak pernak lagi I nampak beg jatuh dari bundle US. Mungkin sebab tak ada bundle beg dari US kot. Macam bag Lowe Alpine satu lagi, beg ini ringkas, tak banyak songeh tapi mungkin design lama. Dah tak kluar lagi. Mana nak cari beb?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chick Hysteric Glamour Kinky Click shorts

Yeeeehaaaaaa…I never thought I’d find this hysteric Glamour Kinky Click shorts in a bundle shop. Was out to Kuala Selangor recently with a friend and we stopped at a bundle shop there. After going through all the men’s stuff, I came out empty handed…disappointed. Then I thought, what they heck, lets look through the ladies stuff. Maybe I can get something for me missus.

And I found it. This is a really nice pair of Hysteric Glamour (HG) shorts still in very good condition. Its definitely used but not abused. A quick check and I was walking out of the bundle shop a happy man.

This pair of HG shorts is really chick. Very petite, it IS a Japanese brand after all!. For all I can remember, this is the first piece of HG clothing I have ever purchased. And I am sure I paid just peanuts compared to what it’s retail price would have been in Japan.

This pants is button fly with a ‘tie-in’ string at the top. Two rear pockets, both zippered.

There is also a side pouch pocket on the right hand side of the shorts.

The right side pocket

A rather ingenious way to put functionality in the string to snap open the button

Now…the part I like best. The tags. Check out the heart shaped Hysteric badge sewn into the pants of the left side. Isn’t it nice? I think its really chick.

VERY nice!

Then of course there’s the inside tags. The small tag where most tags are located springs a surprise to me when I turn it over.

The inside tag is beautifully chick

Then there is the white tag as well. I don’t read nor write Japanese but I believe it is ‘free size’. How can this be free size? It is sooooo tiny.

I washed it and presented it to my lady for a try. It fits her all too well and true enough, this Hysteric Glamour Kinky Click really turn things on. Its cute, chick, sexy and the rest is history….

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!

Its 2009! Another year to explore more baju bundle in Malysia! Love it!


Long live bundle!!!!