Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old, used and abused The North Face pack able 22L daypack; beg bundle

I found this old, used and obviously abused 22 litre daypack by The North Face in the pile of used items I have been keeping all this while. This daypack was in the same hidden and forgotten pile of used items where I found the old (probably) vintage Lowe Alpine (will post this later)

This TNF 22L daypack has certainly seen better days. It’s used, abused to the extent of needing stitches and patches to be useable again. Anyway, at one time in the baju bundle or used clothing craze in Malaysia, enthusiasts would just grab any TNF item that falls out of the used clothing bale. It’s like the item to have. So, not wanting to miss any part of the action, I too had my own collection of TNF items. From daypacks to shirts and shorts, I had to have some pieces too!

I probably got this item from Thailand. If not mistaken, from the town of Aran at the border of Thailand-Cambodia. I did a trip there with Meun (now my wife!) and she insisted that we go there. It was her ‘surprise’ for me that trip. What a surprise it was. The place was baju bundle heaven!

Anyway, with its condition, I don’t remember paying much for it. Probably around RM20. At that time, it is really hard top come by a TNF item, more so a pack. Despite the damages and abuse, I felt that it can be repaired. Some needle work and a bit of washing should get the pack back in shape.

One main compartment, drawstrings on the outside. I found a small pocket on the inside (top) which turns out to be the pouch that holds the pack together when packed in. See picture below.

The harness for this pack is…simple. Very thin padded shoulder straps with no funky back system. They can’t have any padded or frames since the model is the pack able type. There is a small rip right where the shoulder straps joins the main pack. I can get that sewn back easy.

This pack is old. More than that, it’s abused but not beyond repair. I would call it the old, used, abused but loved The North Face pack able 22L daypack. I bought it from a kedai bundle (used clothing store) and that is what makes it even more special!

If you are into The North Face brand, click on the following to see more of the items that I have.

Old TNF shorts
Rock solid TNF pants

I jumpa beg The North Face (TNF) ini dalam himpunan barang-barang bundle lain kat rumah. Barang-barang ini tersembunyi sekian lama didalam alm ari, I pun dah tak ingat yang mereka masih wujud!

Beg TNF I rasa-rasa I beli dekat pasar besar bundle di Aran, satu tempat di sempadan Thai-Kemboja. Fuiyoooh…giler betul la barang-barang kat situ. Banyak sampai kena sewa basikal nak kayuh untuk tengok semua barang. Beg, walaupun tak banyak kedai yang jual, memang popular. I dapat beg TNF ini kalau tak silap dalam RM20 kut. Tapi memang banyak rosak. Pakai jarum ngan benang, semua settle.

Bag North Face ini jenis yang boleh lipat dan sumbat masuk poket. Ada sato kocek kecik dalam bag ni yang boleh zipkan keseluruhan bag itu. Oleh kerana bag ini jenis ‘pack able’, maka reka-bentuknya pun simple. Tak ada tali menali dan ‘padding’ lebih-lebih yang menyemak. Semuanya simple belaka. Tengok gambar atas.

I rasa beg ini jatuh dari bundle Jepun. Tak pernak lagi I nampak beg jatuh dari bundle US. Mungkin sebab tak ada bundle beg dari US kot. Macam bag Lowe Alpine satu lagi, beg ini ringkas, tak banyak songeh tapi mungkin design lama. Dah tak kluar lagi. Mana nak cari beb?

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